Caring Heart Program is one of the main programs in Nam Hong Welfare Service Society. It was initiated for the elderly in 2014 after discovering that there were many seniors either staying alone with no family support or struggling to make ends meet. They required support and assistance in many areas to maintain a reasonable quality of life.


As the number of elderly aged 65 or older who live alone rises, the demand for afterlife care rises especially for the disadvantaged. Many worry about the sate of their affairs beyond their lifetime.

Since 2014, Nam Hong Welfare Service Society provides pro bono funeral service for elders who have no dependents and are from low-income backgrounds so that they can continue living with a peace of mind and ease of heart.

Our beneficiaries are from different racial backgrounds and ethnic groups, and we support funeral services of all religions.


Caring Heart Volunteer Corp conducts periodic home visits to deliver ration and subsistence, while offering care and assistance to the disadvantaged elderly struggling to make a living at the edge of the society. Ration and cash handouts are also distributed to these elderly annually during festive seasons through organised dinners.