Nam Hong Welfare Service Society is a community based charity which provides free TCM medical treatment as well as free funeral service, ration, home visits and community support for the disadvantaged and elderly, regardless of race, religion, gender, and nationality. We also offer bursary to students from low-income families, provide visiting treatment for elderly persons at old folk’s homes and conduct public education health talks at community centres.

Medical costs in Singapore have been on the rise, and many in our community do not have the means to fully take care of their needs when they fall ill. Nam Hong seeks to provide free and effective medical services to help the low-income take care of their healthcare needs. We operate a TCM clinic in Yishun which is staffed by experienced full-time physicians and equipped with a computerized patient management system. Since 2001, our clinic has maintained a $2 registration fee only policy (no other obligatory charges for treatments & medicines received). We strongly believe that all those in need should receive the necessary medical treatments without being deterred by alarming medical costs.

Our affordable and effective treatments have attracted 40,000 patient visits annually for the past 3 to 4 years. It indicates that our TCM services are well-received and needed by the rapidly ageing population. They are testaments to our efforts and strengthens our resolve to continue providing quality treatments at affordable prices despite increasing challenges in a saturated charity landscape.


At Nam Hong Welfare, we strive to Serve Others with Compassion, Treat One Another with Respect and Perform Our Duties with Integrity.


To be a leading and well-respected charity, tirelessly serving to uplift the disadvantaged, while building a society full of compassion and hope.


Regardless of race, language or religion, to serve the disadvantaged by offering free TCM medical treatment, health maintenance, funeral service and livelihood provisions, as well as supporting education, while promoting collaboration and enhancing cohesion within the society.