Do you have a question for us? Look below to see if it’s been addressed by others. If you can’t find the answers, feel free to drop us an email at namhongcares@gmail.com or call (65) 62579192.

Are all TCM treatments free of charge?

Yes, Nam Hong Welfare Service Society maintains a $2 registration fee only policy for all patients regardless of the treatments received.


Do I need to pay for the medication I receive from TCM?

No, patients are only required to pay a $2 registration fee. There are no other obligatory charges for the 3-day medication received.


Can I make an appointment beforehand for treatment?

To make an appointment beforehand, call us at 62579192 to book a timeslot and/or request a specific physician. Please note that all timings and physicians are subject to availability and a first come first serve basis.


Can I receive treatment if I am not a senior citizen?

Yes, our medical services are targeted at the elderly and disadvantaged but is open to patients of all ages.

How do I qualify for the Caring Heart Program?

Our Caring Heart beneficiaries are classified as needy and elderly and undergo a compulsory home visit from us upon application before they are registered.


How do I apply for pro bono funeral services?

To apply for our pro bono funeral services, please visit our centre to fill out the necessary forms. Kindly note that applicants must be aged 65 or above, stay alone, have no next of kin, physically restricted and in poor health, and have low or average family/home total income.


How often are the home visits?

At present, home visits are only being conducted for Afterlife Memorial Service beneficiaries. We have yet to conduct home visits for our 784 Caring Heart beneficiaries this year but 294 of them were contacted to check on their condition.


How often do beneficiaries receive rations?

Regular rations are given to all Caring Heart beneficiaries at the end of every year. Afterlife Memorial Service beneficiaries receive additional rations and a $50 Ang Bao during the festive seasons of different races, such as Chinese New Year, Hari Raya and Deepavali. Occasional rations are also distributed during the year depending on the donors and sponsors at the time, with the number of beneficiaries dependent on the amount of sponsorship received.


Do beneficiaries receive cash handouts?

Cash handouts of $50/pax are distributed to the elderly and our Afterlife Memorial Service beneficiaries during the End of the Year Free Lunch.

How do I engage Nam Hong Welfare Service Society to give a health talk?

To engage Nam Hong Welfare Service Society to give a health talk, please call or email or us.


How often does Nam Hong Welfare Service Society organise public health talks and voluntary consultations?

We organise public health talks and voluntary consultations every once a year.

How do students qualify for educational support?

To qualify for a scholarship, students must attain a minimum result of Band 2 for all four subjects (Primary) or A2 for five main subjects (Secondary).
To qualify for a bursary, students must have a Gross Household Income (Monthly) not exceeding $1800 and an average of 55% for all four subjects (Primary) or 50% for five main subjects (Secondary).


How many students receive educational support annually?

We support an average of 40 students a year through bursaries and scholarships.


How much bursary money is awarded to students?

Students who receive bursaries are awarded between $180 to $300.


How long is the scholarship period?

Our scholarships last for one year.

Are there tax benefits for donations?

Yes, tax exemption of 2.5 times is available for monetary donations.


Can Nam Hong pick up the donations in kind? How do I drop them off?

Unfortunately, we do not provide pickup services. You may deliver your items to our office during operation hours. Do inform us beforehand via email or contact so that we can make arrangements for a staff to attend to you. Please also remember to label your bags or boxes with information of the contents.


Can I donate items which are not on the list provided?

You may donate items which are not listed on our website. If you are unsure if the items will be beneficial, email or contact us before making a donation.


Can I make a GIRO donation?

Unfortunately, we do not accept GIRO donations. You may donate via Paynow, Giving.sg, cheque or through in-kind items and legacy gifts.

How do I become a volunteer?

To sign up as a volunteer, fill in the form provided on our volunteer page and we will contact you for a follow up.

Will I receive volunteer training?

Yes, training will be provided for all volunteers.

Is there a minimum required commitment period for regular volunteers?

There is no minimum required commitment period for volunteers, regular or otherwise. However, all volunteers will be subject to assessment before approval.

Can I collaborate with Nam Hong Welfare Service Society and plan my own Service Learning Project?

Yes, we work with educational institutions, corporations and other NGOs to collaborate on Service Learning Projects. Please call or email us to learn more about the necessary procedures.