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2022 Caring Walkers

5 November 2022

Senior walkers who participated in this year’s Caring Walk came to our Caring Mart to redeem groceries and household necessities using their Caring points earned from walks.


Be a Caring Heart Walker

1 July - 31 October 2022

Join us in this virtual fundraising walk from 1st July to 31st Oct 2022 to gain Caring Heart points from your walks!

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Be a Caring Heart Walker

15 December 2021

Keep on walking to redeem groceries and household necessities from the Caring Heart Mart using your Caring Heart points.

Post Icon - Caring Heart Mart in Action

Caring Heart Mart in Action

14 November 2021

Over the weekend, senior walkers who participated in the 6-Week Challenge of the Caring Heart Walk were invited to our Caring Heart Mart to redeem groceries and household necessities using their Caring Heart points.


Join us on a 6-Week Walking Challenge in our fundraising walk!

1 October - 11 November 2021

The Caring Heart Walk is a fundraising virtual walking challenge to promote a healthy lifestyle amongst seniors. Learn to use Strava, start walking to collect Caring Heart points!


Be A Caring Heart Donor!

6 Sep - 15 November 2021

We are hosting a fundraiser where you can receive Fundraising Voucher or a dry-fitted Caring Heart Walk T-Shirt upon donating!

Coming Soon: Fundraising E-Walk Challenge

14 July 2021

The Caring Heart Walk promotes a healthy lifestyle amongst seniors, by giving motivation and recognition to seniors who are Walking Champions. Stay tuned for further updates on how to join us on The Caring Heart Walk!

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Our newly renovated original centre resumes operation on 19th April 2021

15 April 2021

From 19 April 2021 onwards, our newly renovated original centre will resume operation. Registration counter for medical appointments will be shifted back to our newly renovated original centre.


Our new facility begins operation on 4th June 2020

29 July 2020

On 28th May 2020, we received a Temporary Operation Permit (TOP) for our newly built centre next to the existing one…

Oncology Treatment

Oncology Treatment at Nam Hong

24 July 2020

Being diagnosed with cancer has major impacts on a patient’s life. While many patients seek treatment from Western…