Nam Hong Welfare Service Society aims to provide high quality medical care to the low-income, disadvantaged, elderly and general public. Our clinic is well equipped, and utilises a computerised patient management system, offering free yet effective medical treatment. Patients pay only a $2 registration fee, while receiving consultation, acupuncture, cupping and medication free of charge.

Our philosophy is to place our patients’ interests and well-being above all, and always endeavour to promote the advantages of TCM to the general public. We also provide outreach treatment to old folks’ home and senior activity centers.

Types of illnesses commonly treated:
Cough & cold, headache, insomnia, chest pain, stomach discomfort, asthma, constipation, frequent urination, stress & general fatigue, sprain & bruises, arm/feet numbness, rheumatoid arthritis, muscle and joint ache, pain in the back, neck & shoulder, TCM gynecology



TCM treatments have proven to be effective in minimising pain, relieving side effects of chemotherapy and boosting the immune system.

From July 2020 onwards, Nam Hong Welfare Service Society will offer specialised treatment services for Cancer, Diabetes as well as after-stroke ailments for $2 per visit.


As of July 2020, you can get a health analysis by our Nutrition Counsellor at a subsidized rate of $10. This includes diet and nutrition advice, nutritional deficiencies and heavy metals analysis, as well as insights on body organ energy levels and sub-health.