TCM Body Constitution Types

Contributor: Nutrition Counselor Ling Ai

Yin and Yang, a nutshell description of what Western physiology calls “homeostasis,” is the basis for all manifestation of our body’s health.  Keeping healthy is a balancing act between excess & deficiency in Yin and Yang.  If we do not rectify our body imbalances, they will cause health problems to our organs.  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) states that due to inherited and acquired influences, everyone’s body has some uniqueness in regard to structural, physiological & psychological aspects.  These individual characters combine to form body constitution types that determines how we live, our susceptibility to pathogens & diseases development.

Identifying your body constitution type eg: heaty (Yin Deficiency), cold (Yang deficiency) or low energy (Qi deficiency) can help you identify the right food diet to improve your health conditions and strengthen your immunity!  

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