TCM and Western Medicine

Contributor: Physician Yap Ai Mee

Western medicine, with the aid of modern technology, is highly focused on molecular genetics. It can accurately characterize and locate cancer cells, thus, allowing tumors that are confined and localized to be effectively treated.  Statistics has shown excellent curative rate for early and middle stages of cancer. On the other hand, TCM pays more attention to the overall treatment of the body. This individualized treatment focused on improving the patient’s quality of life and advocates “Surviving with Tumor” for mid and advanced stages of cancer.

Providing an integrated approach for both TCM and Western Medicine in the prevention and treatment of Cancer has been well received by oncologists and patients in the recent years. Incorporating TCM treatment before, during and after surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy not only enhance survival rate, but improves the quality of life for patients.

  • Before & after surgery: TCM aims to control growth of the tumor and boosts immunity to prevent recurrence and metastasis.
  • During and after chemo: TCM reduces the toxicity of Chemo-drugs to vital organs, strengthens the effect of chemo treatment and promotes recovery.
  • During Radiotherapy: TCM reduces the side-effects of radiations and promotes speedy recovery.
  • For patients with mid to advanced stages and have lost the opportunity for curative treatment, TCM helps to reduce pain and anxiety. This translates to better quality of life and prolongs survival.