Right Diet for Improving Pancreas Health!

Contributor: Nutrition Counselor Ling Ai

Pancreas is the 4th detox organ.  The function of our pancreas is to develop enzymes that help the digestive process and where the body produces hormones or substances that circulate in the bloodstream to affect another part of the body differently. These hormones are insulin and glucagon.  Insulin has the function of lowering the level of blood glucose while glucagon increases it.  They work together to maintain the right balance of glucose (sugar) in the blood.  

In Chinese Medicine, our pancreas is associated with the spleen (spleen-pancreas).  When the flow of energy is unbalanced, pancreatic disorders will occur such as acute pancreatitis, chronic pancreatitis, diabetes and spleen-pancreas deficiency, etc.  Taking the right diet & supplements is one way to help eliminate toxic substances from our pancreas naturally & improve pancreas’ health.

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