Right Diet For Improving Lungs Health!

Contributor: Nutrition Counselor Ling Ai

Lungs is the 1st detox organ which is also known as the first line of defense of our body against airborne bacterial & viral infections as well as environmental toxins, etc.   The lungs’ main function is to help Oxygen from the air we breathe, enter into our red blood cells and get rid of Carbon Dioxide gas when we breathe out.  Air pollution, asbestos, dust mites, bacteria or viral infections, genetic: asthma, heavy metals & smoking, etc are some of the causes of lung’s toxicity.   

Chinese Medicine stipulates that the lungs are not only responsible for respiration, but also dominate the Qi (vital energy) of the whole body.  Lung patterns can be of either Excess or Deficiency.  With Deficient patterns, one’s Lung can either be deficient in Qi or Yin, and it is more common to be deficient in Qi.  With Excess patterns, the Lungs are usually invaded by external pathogens, mostly Wind, Cold & Heat.  Taking the right diet & supplements by identifying the lung’s imbalances is one way to help eliminate toxic substances from the lung naturally & improve the lung’s health.  

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