Right Diet for Improving Insomnia!

Contributor: Nutrition Counselor Ling Ai

Some research showed that over 25% of people don’t get enough sleep from time to time, but almost 10% have chronic insomnia.  Insomnia is not a disease; rather, it is a complex symptom. Insomnia can be acute, meaning short-term. Or it can come in a long-lasting, chronic form. When insomnia comes at least 3 nights a week for 3 months or longer, doctors consider it chronic.  Insomnia can also come and go, with periods when you have no sleep problems.

In Chinese medicine’s theory, insomnia is related to low or excess energy of body organs of heart, spleen, liver & kidneys.  It stresses the need to observe the body’s natural daily cycle. The “organ time clock” specifies certain times for restoring the energy of certain organs.  

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