Right Diet For Improving Gastrointestinal System Health!

Contributor: Nutrition Counselor Ling Ai

Gastrointestinal system is the 2nd detox organ.  The primary function of the gastrointestinal tract is to break food down into nutrients, which can be absorbed into our body to provide energy, growth & cell repair needed to survive.  Chewing our foods thoroughly at least 20 times per bite will make it easier for our intestines to absorb nutrients from the food particles & this process will help to improve our digestive problems.  This also prevents improperly digested food from entering our blood & causing a wide range of adverse effects to our health.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, our digestive system transforms food into Qi & Blood, which are the most important substances necessary for life and maintaining good digestion is the basis for good health.  Lifestyle, stress and dietary factors can put a strain on our digestive system.  Thus, taking the right diet & supplements by identifying which gastrointestinal system’s imbalances you experience is one way to help eliminate toxic substances from the gastrointestinal system naturally & improve gastrointestinal system’s health.  

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