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Oncology Treatment at Nam Hong

Being diagnosed with cancer has major impacts on a patient’s life. While many patients seek treatment from Western Medicine and support from charitable organisations, at Nam Hong, our approach is to complement these treatments and support with our specialized TCM treatment services. Incorporating TCM treatment before, during and after surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy not only enhances survival rate, but improves the quality of life for patients.
  • Before & after surgery: TCM aims to control growth of the tumor and boosts immunity to prevent recurrence and metastasis.
  • During and after chemo: TCM reduces the toxicity of Chemo-drugs to vital organs, strengthens the effect of chemo treatment and promotes recovery.
  • During Radiotherapy: TCM reduces the side-effects of radiations and promotes speedy recovery.
  • For patients with mid to advanced stages and have lost the opportunity for curative treatment, TCM helps to reduce pain and anxiety. This translates to better quality of life and prolongs survival.

While the impact on our beneficiaries is positive and very encouraging, the funding for such services is immense and long term. Medications for cancer treatments are especially high cost and remuneration for physicians with such specializations are also much higher.

Donations have declined significantly during coronavirus pandemic, and will continue to be very challenging for our organisation as more beneficiaries will appeal for increasingly complex services and long-term in nature. As an organisation that does not receive $1-to-$1 fund matching or grants, every form of support for us is crucial to our sustainability. We would like to appeal for your compassionate support to enable us to strive forward to help the needy and disadvantaged in our society.

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