Give The Gift of Health Care To The Elderly In Need

Since 2001, we’ve been providing quality and care support to the elderly in need.

Help every senior in Singapore get access to life-changing medical care for only $50!

41,007 TCM Patient Visits

729 Eldercare Beneficiaries

$34,000 Cash Handout

Older People Aren’t Getting The Support They Need...

Do you know that 37% of older adults in Singapore suffer from three or more chronic diseases?


The most popular health problems are high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, joint pain, arthritis, nerve pain, and diabetes.


With the cost of healthcare rising rapidly in Singapore, seniors are struggling to pay for their healthcare needs. They have to undertake out-of-pocket spending for medical bills, withdraw their savings to cover long hospital stays, skip medications or take less than prescribed as they cannot afford medication costs.

For the elders who struggle to make ends meet, with little or no support from their families, life is just a matter of sheer endurance.

Every Senior Deserves Access To Quality Health Care

Nam Hong Welfare Service Society is a non-profit organisation which provides free TCM medical treatment, health maintenance, funeral service and livelihood provisions for the disadvantaged and elderly. 

Health – Medical Services: We started as a MOH-registered TCM clinic to provide free general TCM services to the elderly in 2001 and have since maintained a $2 registration fee only policy (no other obligatory charges for treatments and free 3 days medication) for the disadvantaged and elderly.

Well-Being – Caring Heart Program: Launched in 2014, the program was aimed to improve the well-being of elderly and disadvantaged in our community. We offer free funeral services, distribution of rations & cash handouts, daily necessities to needy seniors, and so on.

Give Hope To The Seniors Who Cannot Afford
Life-Changing Medical Care


Help seniors in need get access to essential healthcare services with the cost of a meal.


Provide patient visits, special care, wellness and nutrition to patients who cannot afford them.


Make a significant difference by providing special care and treatment for patients suffering from various illnesses and chronic conditions in Singapore.


Your generous donation allows us to make a lasting impact, offering meaningful support and high-quality medical services to every elderly in our community.

Meet Mr. Tay, 94 Year-Old Retired Sailor

“I’m battling post-stroke complications and can’t afford basic treatments. Every day is filled with worry and the constant pain from my illness… Is this all that’s left for me?”

Mr. Tay is an 94-year-old retired sailor. He worked tirelessly to provide for their family. Unfortunately, when he was 77, a stroke forced him into low-wage cleaning work that physically exhausted him. 

Tragedy struck once more at 86 when Mr. Tay broke his hip, and their children offered no support. His story reflects the harsh reality faced by the elderly in Singapore.

Yet, for the past decade, he’s found hope through Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatments provided by Nam Hong Welfare Society.

Make A Donation And Know That 100% Will Be Used To Support The Seniors

Since 2011, we’ve been able to provide special care, quality treatments, and a watchful eye for thousands of seniors in Singapore.

41,007 Total TCM Patient Visits

5,319 Special Care TCM Patient Visits

729 Eldercare Beneficiaries

$34,000 Cash Handout

1,615 Ration Packs

58 Passionate Volunteers

212 Volunteer Hours

14 Charity Events

We Spare No Effort To Help The Elderly
Stay Healthy And Active


of the funds go forwords the hospitals bills for adults

Real Impact

100% of donations will be used to support the seniors in need

IPC Certified

We support the community regardless of race or religion


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Tax Exemption

Donating $30 or more is entitled to a tax-deduction of 2.5 times of all monetary donations.

Help Every Senior in Singapore Access To Medical Care, With Just $10 A Month

Monthly donation is one of the most impactful ways you can support the community.

It helps us to consistently provide medical services and organise activities to improve the well-being of the elderly.

Your donation also allows us to plan, execute and expand our programs to make a lasting impact in our community.


Since 2001, Nam Hong Welfare Service Society has been providing free TCM medical treatment as well as free funeral service, ration, home visits and community support for the disadvantaged and the elderly. You can check out our activities, programs and services in our 2022 Annual Report here.

Donating $30 or more is entitled to a tax-deduction of 2.5 times of your donation amount which will be automatically included in your tax assessment. As such, IRAS requires you to provide your full name and NRIC/FIN/UEN.

Yes, kindly deliver your items to our office during operation hours. Do inform us beforehand via email or contact so that we can make arrangements for a staff to attend to you. Please also remember to label your bags or boxes with information of the contents.


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Singapore 760111

Unfortunately, we do not accept GIRO donations. You may donate with your credit card,,, or through in-kind items and legacy gifts.