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COVID-19 Circuit Breaker: Essential Ration To Senior Beneficiaries

Do they have enough food and medication? Do they have enough masks and even toilet papers? Do they exercise enough? If they are sick, who brings them to see doctors? When they are stress, who listens to them? When they pass on, who takes care of their funeral?

While many elderly have family dependents to take care of them, there are still many who are not as fortunate. It’s even saddening that some elderly don’t have dependents to send them off in their last journey. Our Caring Heart Program is set up to actively look at elderly that fall between the social net, listen to them, identify their needs, and actively engage them to manage their holistic wellness – health, mental and financial.

With the onslaught of COVID-19 pandemic, if the pandemic persists, these elderly who are lonely and highly vulnerable will face even greater on-going concerns in their life. One particular concern is their abilities to secure critical items such as masks, sanitisers, groceries, and medications during this period.

As such, we step up on our Caring Heart Program to reach out to our 784 elderly. The economy will be badly affected, and donations will dry up.

Therefore, we earnestly seek your kind donations to support our Caring Heart Program. Every cent and thoughts count.